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Radiology Medical Billing Services

Boost your practice with RevenueES, the radiology billing experts you can trust. Our premier radiology medical billing services tackle the complexities of imaging diagnostics and treatment, ensuring precise, prompt, and compliant billing. Stay ahead with our unmatched expertise in navigating evolving CPT codes and cutting-edge radiology technology.

X-ray & Tomography Billing

Ultrasound Procedure Billing

Ultrasound Procedure Billing

MRI Procedure Billing

MRI Procedure Billing

Nuclear Scan Billing

Nuclear Scan Billing

Professional Radiology Billing and Coding Services

At RevenueES, we specialize in professional radiology billing and coding services designed to maximize your practice’s efficiency and revenue. Our comprehensive approach includes interventional radiology procedure billing, insurance verification and eligibility, payment posting and reconciliation, and detailed reporting and analytics. We stay current with ICD-10 coding updates, ensuring precise medical billing for radiologists. 

With expertise in complex procedures and a commitment to coding strictly from dictated reports, we eliminate ambiguity and ensure accurate billing for radiology services. Our dedicated client services team offers personalized support, addressing your concerns promptly and helping you achieve optimal results.

Comprehensive Radiology Revenue Cycle Management

Unlock the full potential of your radiology practice with RevenueES’s comprehensive radiology revenue cycle management. Our tailored solutions streamline every aspect of your billing process, from initial scheduling to final payment, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability.
Mammography Tracking and Billing
Accurate tracking and billing for diagnostic and interventional radiology services, ensuring compliance and revenue accuracy.
Thorough Eligibility Verifications
Verify patient eligibility up to four times before appointments to prevent delays and denials.
Efficient Pre-
Save hours of staff time with our pre-authorization options, ensuring procedures are covered before they are performed.
Patient Responsibility Estimator
Provide patients with clear estimates of their financial responsibility during scheduling, enhancing transparency.
High Success Rate Claims Submission
Achieve nearly 100% success on the first attempt of HCFA & NF clearinghouse claims, reducing the need for rework.
Stay informed with timely alerts about out-of-network patients, allowing for proactive management and communication.

Get ahead with our Radiology Medical Billing Services. Optimize billing, maximize revenue, and streamline your operations today!

How We Optimize Your Radiology Billing Practices

At RevenueES, we specialize in applying best practices for radiology billing to ensure a seamless revenue cycle for your practice. Our experienced team of billers and coders understands the unique requirements of radiology billing, striving to build a denial-free claim submission process tailored to your needs. 

Recognizing the integral role of advanced equipment in radiology, we meticulously incorporate both CPT and Dx codes for billing services, focusing on reducing denial rates and enhancing collections through clear and accurate claim submissions.

Our expertise in radiology billing encompasses:

Medical Billing Service for Radiology: Seamless Diagnostic Imaging

Enhance your practice with our premier medical billing service for radiology at RevenueES. Our expertise in diagnostic imaging billing and radiology billing and coding ensures that your claims are processed accurately and efficiently. We audit claims to maximize reimbursements and provide alerts when E/M coding rules are not followed correctly. 

Our accurate insurance discovery option uncovers missing or incomplete coverage, while our Denial Preventer system proactively flags claims likely to be denied. Denied claims are edited and resubmitted within 72 hours, and we offer real-time claim tracking for clients. 

Why Choose Us for Radiology Billing Services

Radiology billing presents unique challenges with its dual components—professional and technical. At RevenueES, we specialize in navigating this landscape to ensure accurate and efficient billing for your practice. Our expertise spans both the technical and professional aspects, allowing us to streamline the billing process and maximize your revenue potential.
Comprehensive Coverage
From MRI scans of various body parts to ultrasound examinations and nuclear medicine procedures, we handle billing for a wide range of radiology services.
Precision Billing
We understand the nuances of billing for radiology apparatus, dyes, and interpretation services, ensuring accurate billing under both the professional and technical components.
Efficient Processes
At RevenueES, our streamlined approach to radiology medical billing minimizes errors, reduces denials, and optimizes revenue collection for your practice.

Comprehensive Support


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