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Urgent Care Billing Services - Healthy Profits With Zero Errors

Experience efficiency and accuracy with our Urgent Care Billing Services. Code with confidence using our expert recommendations, compliant with the latest regulations, guaranteeing Urgent Care billing with healthy profits and zero errors for optimal reimbursement.

Multi-Site Billing

Multi-Site Billing

Lab and X-Ray Billing

Lab and X-Ray Billing

Point-of-Service Collections

Point-of-Service Collections

Handle Workers' Compensation Claims

Handle Workers' Compensation Claims

Complete Urgent Care Billing Services By RevenueES

At RevenueES, we redefine excellence in urgent care billing with our comprehensive services tailored for medical and dental clinics, practices, and hospitals. Our commitment to your success is evident through complete Revenue Cycle Management, reflecting a shared vision where your business becomes our business. 

Whether you prefer our cloud-based billing software or opt to work on your existing system, rest assured that our Certified Coders, equipped with ICD 10 expertise, ensure precision and compliance in every aspect of urgent care medical billing and coding services.

Our dedicated denial management department corrects and resubmits rejected claims, and our AR follow-up team ensures that outstanding medical claims are promptly monitored for a seamless revenue cycle. Experience real support with dedicated managers, making RevenueES your trusted partner in maximizing revenue and efficiency for urgent care billing services.

Expert Urgent Care Revenue Cycle Management

Unlock the full potential of your urgent care facility with our expertise in revenue cycle management. From accurate data entry to tailored reporting schedules, we ensure a seamless financial journey for your practice.
Accurate Data Entry
Providers gather precise information on urgent care centers meticulously recorded by our data entry team, ensuring a seamless billing process without errors.
Completion of Claims
Benefit from years of expertise as we electronically and paper file claims, following insurance carrier rules with extraordinary scalability and flexibility.
Reports for Practices
Enjoy customized reports and updates, delivered regularly via email, catering to the unique specifications of your urgent care facility.
Payments and Audits
Timely entry of payment details and thorough payment audits guarantee correct and maximum reimbursements for your urgent care facilities.
Appeals Management
In the face of incorrect payments or denials, our expert team files appeals, ensuring your practice receives the reimbursement it deserves.
Claims Follow-Up
Stay updated on aging reports & diligently follow-up on claims for swift reimbursement, ensuring financial success for your urgent care practice.

Elevate your urgent care revenue with RevenueES! Optimize billing and maximize profits. Schedule a consultation today!

Our Strategic Approach to Medicare Urgent Care Billing Services

Our strategic approach to Medicare Urgent Care Billing Services ensures a seamless and efficient financial journey for your practice. From patient enrollment to denial management, our comprehensive services, including ICD-10 medical coding, are designed to optimize your billing processes. We conduct system-based eligibility checks, implement regular quality assurance checks, and provide valuable feedback and reports on a daily, monthly, and weekly basis.

Outsourcing Urgent Care Medical Billing and Coding Services

With a remarkable billing accuracy of 99.9%, we ensure precision in every aspect of urgent care billing, guaranteeing total collections of up to 98%. Experience an increased revenue flow as denials drop dramatically under our expert management. Benefit from 100% error-free patient demographics entry and a significant 30% decrease in accounts receivable (A/R) days, streamlining your financial processes with transparency in procedures and fees.

Our commitment extends beyond accuracy to ensure complete data protection, offering you peace of mind. With us, there will be no write-offs or modifications without your prior approval, putting you in control of your financial decisions. At RevenueES, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized services, tailoring our approach to meet the unique needs of your urgent care facility. Elevate your practice’s financial health by outsourcing to us – where precision, transparency, and personalization converge for optimal results.

Exceptional Urgent Care Billing Services

When it comes to managing your urgent care billing services, choose RevenueES for an unmatched combination of expertise, efficiency, and compliance. Our specialized focus on urgent care billing services extends to Urgent Care X-ray billing, ensuring accuracy, automation, and compliance to streamline your financial processes.
Coding Accuracy
Rely on our specialized coding expertise to ensure claims accuracy and expedited reimbursement.
Leverage Automation
Get the benefits of real-time verification and a suite of automation tools for smooth billing operations.
Stay Compliant
Our commitment to best practices and compliance ensures a stress-free experience with regulatory requirements.
Specialized Focus
With specialized focus on Urgent Care X-ray billing, trust us for tailored solutions to meet your facility's unique needs.

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Get your billing right, anytime! Our 24/7 DEDICATED BILLING SPECIALISTS are always on, ready to boost your revenue. No breaks, no delays, just non-stop billing support for your RCM needs. Ready for hassle-free billing? Hit us up now and see how we keep your cash flow healthy.

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