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– More Revenue With RevenueES
The Best Medical Billing Services For Your Facility

Enhance your facility's efficiency with our trusted medical billing company in NY. Streamlined solutions for seamless and effective management.

More Revenue With RevenueES

The Best Medical Billing Services For Your Facility

Enhance your facility's efficiency with our trusted medical billing company in NY. Streamlined solutions for seamless and effective management.

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Why Choose RevenueES

Expert Billing in 40+ Specialties

Expert Billing in 40+ Specialties

What ever specialty you cover we have got expertise in it. We're all about making your billing smoother and helping you get paid faster and more often

Free Practice Audit

Free Practice Audit

Think of it as a health check for your finances. We'll look closely at how you bill and find ways you might be missing out on earning more.

Expert Billing in 40+ Specialties

Affordable Billing Services

Our billing services come at prices that fits into to your practice budget. We offer quality first medical billing services that boost your clinic revenue.

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I have been working with Revenuees for almost a year now. Very easy to work with the team, any questions I ask are answered promptly.

— Alice Sanchez MD

Our Revenue Cycle Management Services

We understand the complexities of a modern healthcare environment and leverage our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure every step of the process is optimized.

Medical Billing Services

Get a 99% claim pass rate with our RCM services, from insurance verification to denial management.

Medical Credentialing Services

Credentialing services that comply with state & federal guidelines to ensure you get paid on time.

Medical Coding Services

We accurately assign codes to records, ensuring accuracy with diagnosis & treatment modalities.


Patient Billing Services

We create & disseminate easy-to-read patient statements that provide a full account balance overview.

Front Office Management

Our front office management provides superior check-in experience from patient registration to schedule.

Quality Payment Program

Optimize reimbursements and comply with the our expert Quality Payment Program (QPP) seamlessly.

Explore Our Medical Billing Solutions

Compliance and Certification

Our commitment to excellence is backed by a complete range of certifications, assuring your facility of top-tier compliance in every aspect of billing and coding services.

Specialty-Focused Medical Billing for Your Practice

No matter what specialty you practice in, RevenueES is your partner for seamless and successful billing. With our extensive knowledge in every medical specialty, you can rest easy knowing that your claims management is in good hands.

Our expertise spans a multitude of more then 40+ medical specialties, from radiology and radiation oncology to pulmonology, primary care, podiatry, plastic surgery, physician physical therapy, pediatrics, and beyond.

RCM & Financial Excellence

Our expert team crafts bespoke billing approaches, optimizing your revenue cycle and adapting to the distinct requirements of your medical practice.

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We Work With

We seamlessly adapt our services to cater to the distinct requirements of solo practitioners, group practices, and large hospital networks, ensuring optimal revenue outcomes across the healthcare landscape.

Solo Practice
Group Practice
Urgent Care
Nursing Practice
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We Cover All Burdens From Claim submission to Revenue Optimization

Don’t Let Medical Billing affect your practice’s bottom line! From painstaking procedures of claim submissions to complex strategies for improving your revenue cycle, our team of Medical Billing experts provides a comprehensive suite of services that covers all the hassles.

 Our staff is well-versed in current coding rules and regulations, while simultaneously keeping an eye out for any changes or updates in healthcare policies. We provide clear guidelines on how to properly submit. Our best-in-class services are fully compliant with industry standards and CMS guidelines. We remove the pain from billing, so you can focus on healing your patients.

Responsive and Reliable Service You Can Count On!

Supercharge Your Billing process and achieve maximum profitability; Trust us as Your Preferred Partner for Revenue Success

Medical Credentialing Services

More Focus on Patient Care

We take away the stress from medical billing so you can focus more on patient care and satisfaction.


No Long-Term Contracts/ Any Time Cancel

We don’t believe in locking you into long-term contracts. You can easily cancel anytime with no hidden fees.

Medical Credentialing Services

Weekly & Monthly Audit Reports

We provide you with weekly and monthly audit reports that keep you informed about all the billing activities.


RCM Blogs

Explore a wealth of industry information, expert perspectives, and practical tips aimed at enhancing your understanding of RCM complexities.

Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

Discover the genuine satisfaction of our clients through testimonials that underscore the reliability and effectiveness of our services, showcasing the tangible benefits our medical billing solutions bring to diverse healthcare providers.
Greathope Psychiatry
Greathope Psychiatry
I want to thank Revenuees for their exceptional work in managing our practices' credentialing, filing claims, working claims denials and checking eligibility for our clients. Their expertise and attention to detail have been invaluable in ensuring that our revenue cycle runs smoothly and efficiently. I am impressed with their professionalism, and I highly recommend Revenuees Enhancement Services to any business looking for top-notch Credentialing Services. A special thanks to Olivia for always being so helpful in everything. I am always calling her multiple times a day and she is always willing to help. Also Nick, Alex, yasir and Nadia, for a job well done!
I have been working with RevenueES for almost a year and honestly they are the best. They are really quick in responding to my queries. Very best medical billing company in my opinion. A big thanks to Yasir Mehmood, Haider Ali, Atif Waheed and Hamza Javed Khan for their excellent work.
FBH Appointments
FBH Appointments
It has been a pleasure working with Nadia and her team which consist of Nick, Peter and Alex. These Gentlemen are very professional an do not cut corners to get their job done. They are always available for when our staff needs their assistance. We are very appreciative of their hard work.
Alex Brent
Alex Brent
I have been working with RevenueES for a considerable amount of time, and I am thrilled to be a part of this esteemed organization. Our team is highly professional, and they consistently respond promptly and efficiently in handling all aspects of medical billing services. From claims processing to managing denials and appeals, we have made a significant impact on our clients' practice's financial growth and stability. If you are looking for a reliable, efficient, and trustworthy medical billing partner, I highly recommend RevenueES for your practice. Thank you!
zaf dean
zaf dean
I have been working with RevenueES for the past seven years and I couldn't be more satisfied with their performance. Their responsiveness to my inquiries and requests is remarkable, as they consistently provide prompt and effective solutions regardless of the time of day. I deeply appreciate their unwavering commitment to providing top-quality service.
Faisal Ahmed
Faisal Ahmed
Great service. Very prompt resolution to our problems in billing issues. Would recommend anytime
Sadaf Javaid
Sadaf Javaid
I have been using this company for the past few years and ever since we started using their services, I have noticed my reimbursements go up significantly. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable, efficient billing company for their practice. Dr. Sadaf Javaid
Alice Sanchez MD
Alice Sanchez MD
I have been working with Revenuees for almost a year now . Very easy to work with the team ,any questions I ask are answered promptly. They are always on top of making sure they collect all claims . They follow up with claim denials and appeals and are on top of my credentialing and renegotiating my contracts .While trying to work and grow a practice, I am grateful one thing I do not need to worry about is my billing . If you’re looking for a reliable, responsible and honest team to take care of your credentialing, billing, benefit eligibility and collections , look no further than Revenues !
Cognitive Psychiatry
Cognitive Psychiatry
I have been using their services for the past three years and I have been extremely happy with them. They are very professional, prompt and have excellent communication. They make sure they attend to all my questions and that the claims are submitted in a timely manner. If there was an option, I would have given them ten stars. Highly recommend.

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