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Behavioral Health Coding & Billing

Mental Health Billing Services - No More Denials

Open the door to seamless financial workflows with RevenueES, your trusted partner in behavioral health billing services. Our certified mental health coders ensure precision, reducing denials and optimizing revenue for healthcare providers—experience end-to-end mental health billing solutions supported by dedicated Denial and AR Management Services.

Prior authorization management

Prior Authorization Management

Group Therapy Billing

Group Therapy Billing

Audits & Compliance Checks

Audits & Compliance Checks

Medication Management Billing

Medication Management Billing

Mental Health Billing Services for Therapists

Empower your therapy practice with our dedicated mental health billing services for therapists at RevenueES. Our specialized solutions cater to the unique needs of mental health providers, ensuring a streamlined billing process without unwanted complexities or delays. With experienced mental health billers on board, we prioritize precision in handling Behavior & Mental health billing nuances. 

Our commitment to excellence extends to proactive claim follow-up, tracking, and promptly resolving issues to prevent any delays. As certified professionals by the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC), we are well-versed in the most common Medical Coding Software. Trust in our proven track record of successful claims processing with major commercial insurance companies and government payers, including Medicare and state-specific Medicaid policies. 

At RevenueES, we not only reduce costs but also enhance your clinical and operational efficiency, backed by a robust prior authorization team ensuring comprehensive patient information collection. Experience a new level of billing excellence tailored for therapists, where success is a guarantee.

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Our Professional Mental Health Billing Specialists

Our dedicated mental health billing specialist focuses on mental health billing, ensuring precise and error-free processing tailored to the unique needs of your practice. Experience the difference by working with professionals who understand mental health billing, providing you peace of mind and optimizing your revenue stream.
First Pass Claim Acceptance Rate
Benefit from our industry-leading rate, ensuring a smooth billing process with a high percentage of claims accepted on the first submission.
Days in Accounts Receivable (DAR)
Rely on our efficient billing cycle management, minimizing the average time it takes to collect outstanding claims and optimizing your cash flow.
Claims Tracking & Management
With our robust claims tracking and management services, we significantly reduce errors and expedite the reimbursement process.
Clean Claim
Experience unparalleled accuracy with our commitment to submitting error-free claims, maximizing your Clean Claim Rate, and reducing the risk of denials.
Collections Efficiency
Trust in our proactive approach to collections, effectively addressing and resolving denied or rejected claims to enhance your overall revenue collection.
Patient Satisfaction with Billing
Elevate your patient experience. Our commitment to patient satisfaction ensures a positive interaction, promoting trust and loyalty in your practice.

Boost your efficiency with our industry-leading First Pass Claim Acceptance Rate – partner with RevenueES for a smoother billing experience.

RevenueES’ Expertise in Behavioral Health Coding

RevenueES approach in behavioral health coding extends beyond standard mental health billing services, ensuring that every code is applied with precision and expertise. Trust our certified mental health coders to navigate the complexities of behavioral health coding seamlessly, optimizing your revenue and reducing denials for a smoother financial workflow.

Streamlined Solutions for Behavioral & Mental Health Billing

Experience a transformative approach to revenue management with RevenueES, your trusted partner in Behavioral & Mental Health Billing Services. Our dedicated team of mental health billing specialists goes beyond standard services, offering specialized expertise in psychiatry billing services. Leverage our deep understanding of ICD-10 and CPT codes to ensure accurate and compliant billing processes. 

With a focus on Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) strategies, we optimize your financial workflows, reducing denials and maximizing revenue for your mental health practice. Partner with us to elevate your billing experience, combining precision, expertise, and a commitment to the financial success of your practice.

Unmatched Expertise in Behavioral & Mental Health Billing Services

Choose RevenueES for unparalleled proficiency in Behavioral & Mental Health Billing Services. Our commitment to excellence shines through in overcoming the complexities of coding and documentation inherent in behavioral health services. With a specialized focus on addressing the challenges of denials and prior authorizations unique to behavioral health, trust us to optimize your revenue stream with precision and expertise.
Complex Coding and Documentation
Overcome the intricacies of behavioral health coding and documentation with our specialized expertise.
Changing Regulations and Reimbursement Rules
Stay ahead of the curve with our proactive approach to evolving healthcare regulations and reimbursement rules.
Denials and Prior
Benefit from our tailored solutions to mitigate higher denial rates, ensuring a smoother billing process for behavioral health services.

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Get your billing right, anytime! Our 24/7 DEDICATED BILLING SPECIALISTS are always on, ready to boost your revenue. No breaks, no delays, just non-stop billing support for your RCM needs. Ready for hassle-free billing? Hit us up now and see how we keep your cash flow healthy.

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