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The Leading Medical Revenue Services

We have a wealth of medical billing, coding, and practice management knowledge, which lets us provide quality services to medical billing providers. Our experts handle the entire billing cycle for multiple specialties, which helps increase collections.

RevenueES has the resources, and platform-independent professionals needed to manage the revenue cycle for practices. This allows us to provide our clients with quality services that meet their needs.

RevenueES is dedicated to helping medical practices succeed by providing billing and management services. Our tailored solutions guarantee compliance with federal and state regulations while maximizing profits and patient safety.

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Most Popular Questions

What is Medical Billing?

The medical billing process can be complex and time-consuming. RevenueES has the knowledge and experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

What is Practice Management?

Practice management is the business side of running a medical practice. It includes everything from hiring staff to dealing with insurance companies. RevenueES can help you streamline your practice management so you can focus on patient care.

What is Medical Coding?

Medical coding is the process of translating medical diagnoses and procedures into code numbers. These codes are used for billing and record-keeping purposes. RevenueES offers coding services to ensure that your claims are processed accurately and efficiently.

How much does it cost to use RevenueES?

We offer a variety of pricing options depending on the size and needs of your business. Contact us for a custom quote.

What is included in RevenueES’ medical billing services?

Our medical billing services cover the entire revenue cycle, from insurance verification to claims processing and collections. We also offer coding, practice management, and consulting services.

How long does it take for RevenueES to get started?

Once we have all the necessary information from you, we can usually get started within 2-3 weeks.

Is RevenueES a HIPAA compliant medical billing company?

Yes, we are 100% HIPAA compliant.

I’m not sure if my practice needs help. How can I tell?

If you are struggling to stay afloat or keep up with the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, it’s probably time to seek help. RevenueES offers a free consultation to assess your needs and recommend solutions.

Global Reach with Local Understanding
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Global Reach with Local Understanding

We are experts in medical billing and we know how to get the most out of your revenue streams. You will experience an increase in your overall cash flow as a result of working with our company.  

Global Reach with Local Understanding
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Medical Revenue Services Company

A suite of value-added services that help healthcare providers improve their revenue cycle management.