Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management is an essential progression in today's healthcare environment. Strengthening each cycle point with Revenuees solutions and services is a leading strategy to sustain financial health and maturity across your enterprise. Our extensive RCM services are designed to meet our healthcare clients' explicit requirements. Our unique transformation methodology, coupled with years of successful process transition experience and deep domain expertise, ensures client comfort and significant year-on-year rigorous productivity improvements.

Revenue is the purpose for providers to unite with their payers to comprehend the solutions and explanations they require to concentrate on patient care

Claims Transmission

Medical insurance claim Submission is one of the critical steps in the medical billing process. It settles the reimbursement that the healthcare provider will get after the insurance company clears the dues. It is essential to know what specifically occurs during the process of claim submission to the insurance. It is one of the most critical methods that consume a lot of time and resources; it is prudent to outsource the claims process to a qualified service provider.

Revenuees has the required experience to meet the needs of clients belonging to various industry verticals. We offer short turnaround times for daily processing and claims submissions. Some of the vital insurance claims processing services we offer include:

Code Editing

Medical coding is becoming increasingly complex. An average coder assigns codes without in-depth analysis and can do your practice more harm than good. Medical Coding and Coding Analysis by dedicated practice specific Certified Professional Coders (CPC) for most reimbursement and zero down denials.

Claims Management

How repeatedly have you wasted the deadline for submitting a claim? Eight-hour billing team practices find filling claims on time a herculean task, and with limited workforce and working hours can be a massive disadvantage.

Our robust team can speed up your billing process in transmitting your medical claims three times faster; you can use our:

  • A hassle-free claims transmission process
  • Have expert claim analysts review claims before transmission
  • Professional biller who recognize insurer rules like no other
  • Be sure of a quicker payment cycle
  • No more worries about missing claim submission dates

Our Company

We ensure to submit claims within 24 hours and 99 percent of our claim submissions are accepted the first time by the insurance companies.

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